Little Explorer Program

We are happy to introduce our new uniquely designed early childhood development program, Little Explorer.

This program is designed for children ages 18 – 36 months old. During this class children are exposed to peers through adult led structured play activities, this setting is perfect for developing social skills and preparing for a preschool. Each activity targets a specific area of development: cognitive, social/ emotional, communication, fine motor, gross motor and adaptive/ sensory.


The Renaissance Child has always been famous for it’s distinctive educational philosophy and unique curriculum, thus the Little Explorer is a singular early childhood development program. We have incorporated various techniques and methods used in speech, occupational and physical therapy into this class. During each session we use educational and therapeutic toys, sensory play, participate in activities for intellectual stimulation and physical development. Moreover, this program can be considered as a workshop for parents and caregivers because we communicate with them during each activity and share our knowledge about early childhood development.


Our goal is to help young children learn to play productively, master new skills, solve problems, understand and use language, interact with peers and adults. This program helps develop memory, reasoning, perception, increase attention span, and improve hand/eye coordination and ability to engage in large muscle movements. Our sensory activities stimulate children’s senses, they facilitate exploration and naturally encourage kids to use scientific processes while they play, create or explore.


In order to keep young children interested during a one hour class we do fun activities when transitioning from one task to another: we sing, dance and engage in finger play and imitation games. We always add an educational element to all of our programs: we read short age appropriate stories and discuss them, learn about animals (fun facts about them, what they eat, where they live, etc.), numbers, shapes and colors.


It is an extremely beneficial class for both children and their parents/caregivers, who get to learn more about various activities and techniques that can boost early childhood development.

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