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Around the World

Little Aesthetes go to France.

The Around the World is a learning program for preschoolers. It focuses on the World Culture, History, Music, and Art. At our classes, every month we virtually travel from country to country, from continent to continent to discover historic sites, architecture, artists, local customs and traditions, myths and history. Each class is a combination of games and engaging activities. Kids don’t even realize that they are ‘learning’ because every class is a little adventure.

Here’s an example of how we learn. Imagine Brazil: this month at our classes we are moving with the samba rhythms pretending to be at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, sending out the irresistible beats. The next month, we are the toreros dancing Pasodoble at the Las Ventas in Madrid. Our little aesthetes just love to pretend and play!

What do kids also love? They love to listen to the stories! At our classes, we read a Spanish book about a tooth fairy el Raton Perez, or a story about a country’s hero, or a very old myth. But what can be even more exciting than listening to a thrilling story? Correct! Participating in that story! That’s where we all get very creative: at times, our class is like a big treasure hunt; another time, we are on a mission to rescue a friend. Every class is an adventure.

At The Renaissance Child we think that it’s very important to expand kids’ vocabulary and learn new words – the words which children don’t hear or use on the daily basis. That’s why we designed our classes as little journeys where the role play helps children develop their imagination, communication skills, and vocabulary.

While creating The Little Aesthete program and materials for it, we ran test groups. We can honestly claim that every single child did want to come back to continue learning. One of the reasons for that is the colorful, authentic visual aids which we designed specifically for the Little Aesthetes.

Not only little kids benefit from our program. It is a great value for parents, too: each class initiates a dialogue between you and your child . Our own kids have been attending this program for a few months, and after each class they would ask and tell more about the countries, characters, and stories they heard at the class.

Our goal is to make you child a World Child, broaden your child’s horizons, and show the possibilities.

It’s our pleasure to witness how kids react when they learn something new and exciting.
It makes us happy when a proud parent tells us how her 3 year old child is talking about Da Vinci’s inventions or Picasso’s paintings.
The Little Aesthete is a unique learning program created by The Renaissance Child’s team. We help your children’s gifts and talents flourish, develop your kid’s cognitive skills, prepare your child for the stronger start at school, and strengthen the academic performance.
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