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As parents, we know how challenging it is to find the right class for preschoolers and pick the activities which the kids will enjoy the most. When we finally enroll our child in any program, we want the kid to continue longer than a couple of classes, don’t we? On the top of that, we want our children to benefit from the classes they take: the course should respond to the child’s developmental needs and help us, parents, uncover our children’s gifts, talents, and – what is also important – tastes and preferences. With the very little ones, you are not aware yet whether your child is going to enjoy art or music, dance or languages. We do not really know – yet!

As we mentioned before, we are parents ourselves. We know how it feels to be a parent of 3-4 years olds, and we probably have the same concerns as you do. We realised that there are not enough classes, or smart and thoughtful programs for the age 3 through 6. There are only a few of the existing programs that are well balanced, educational and fun.

That’s why we offer a complex developmental education which goes far beyond a standard ‘classroom concept’: we organize concerts, workshops, field trips, and original themed parties, in addition to the scheduled classes.