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The Renaissance Child is a comprehensive extracurricular enrichment program with a focus on the Early Age Education, Music, Arts, World History, and Culture. The goal of our program is to help kids develop and improve cognitive skills, gain self-confidence and express themselves through variety of art forms and creativity. We offer group classes as well as one on one private lessons in Hoboken, Jersey City and Cliffside Park, NJ. Join our interesting workshops, field trips, concerts and original themed parties!

Early Age Education

Joy is one of the most essential factors for the early childhood development. With this in mind, we created unique courses designed specifically for little ones. We focus on stimulating cognitive (intellectual and emotional) and aesthetic spheres of child’s development. It is vitally important to broaden the spectrum of children’s interests since early childhood. Thus, The Renaissance Child’s early age program was created with consideration of the age specifics, the most trending learning techniques, as well as our extensive experience in the field of education. At our classes, we combine Music, Languages, Arts and Crafts, Early Literacy, Dance, World History and Culture in order to keep our youngest students always engaged and happy to learn.

Programs and classes

This program is designed for children ages 18 – 36 months old. During this class children are exposed to peers through adult led structured play activities, this setting is perfect for developing social skills and preparing for a preschool. Each activity targets a specific area of development: cognitive, social/ emotional, communication, fine motor, gross motor and adaptive/ sensory.

The Renaissance Child has always been famous for it’s distinctive educational philosophy and unique curriculum, thus the Little Explorer is a singular early childhood development program. We have incorporated various techniques and methods used in speech, occupational and physical therapy into this class. During each session we use educational and therapeutic toys, sensory play, participate in activities for intellectual stimulation and physical development. Moreover, this program can be considered as a workshop for parents and caregivers because we communicate with them during each activity and share our knowledge about early childhood development.

Our goal is to help young children learn to play productively, master new skills, solve problems, understand and use language, interact with peers and adults. This program helps develop memory, reasoning, perception, increase attention span, and improve hand/eye coordination and ability to engage in large muscle movements. Our sensory activities stimulate children’s senses, they facilitate exploration and naturally encourage kids to use scientific processes while they play, create or explore.

In order to keep young children interested during a one hour class we do fun activities when transitioning from one task to another: we sing, dance and engage in finger play and imitation games. We always add an educational element to all of our programs: we read short age appropriate stories and discuss them, learn about animals (fun facts about them, what they eat, where they live, etc.), numbers, shapes and colors.

It is an extremely beneficial class for both children and their parents/caregivers, who get to learn more about various activities and techniques that can boost early childhood development.

Our unique Around the World program leads your child in exploring the World.
The program is divided into 4 week courses. Each course is dedicated to the certain theme or country and combines several learning and activity blocks.
Every 5 minutes we switch from one activity to another, in order for the little kids to stay focused and engaged, which is a challenge at the age 3-6. Around the World program helps parents recognize your child’s interests and talents, improve their cognitive skills, prepare your child for the stronger start at school and strengthen your kid’s academic performance.

Music World is a very special place! If your child likes singing, moving with the music and have an interest in the musical instruments bring him/her here! Our Maestro program is for curious kids who always have a lot of questions to ask:

  • How do you play a violin?
  • Why are some instruments called wind instruments and what actual wind has to do with them?
  • Why does this kind of music make me feel happy and that kind of music sad?
  • Is a piano a string instrument or percussion or some other kind?

Let’s figure these all out and learn how to speak Music. Let’s enjoy together trying different instruments, play games, sing tunes, and learn about composers, timbers and styles. Let’s get to know the basics of musical theory and instruments of The Symphony Orchestra. Let’s develop a good musical taste and make music our lifetime joy.

Little Da Vinci is the Art History and Visual Arts program for children, 4 to 6 years old and 6 to 9 years old. The creator and instructor of the program painter Hadieh Afshani is a finalist and a winner of numerous national and international art awards and competitions. Our core goal is to create a balanced program for little ones: at our classes, children learn painting technics AND art history. We tell our students about famous artists, their lives, and the evolution of the artist’s style. This comprehensive approach helps children appreciate art and artists, better understand human history and society, develop aesthetic vision and good taste.
Along with that, children learn and try various techniques, from cave panting to contemporary art. We lead our students throughout the Renaissance period to the most recent art movements.
At each class, our art teacher, Ms. Afshani, reads books, tells fascinating stories, and encourages conversations with the kids.
One of the main goals of the Little Da Vinci program is to help your child appreciate art. Our method of teaching – when we connect Visual Art with other forms of Art: Literature, Music, Architecture, and even Philosophy – makes the Little Da Vinci program standing out and unique.

Stage is a special monthly event – it’s a talent show where kids have an opportunity to come up on stage and perform. The performance itself can include singing, citing poetry, dancing, playing instruments, “show and tell”, or anything else your child is interested in and wants to share with the warm audience of friends and family. Contact us to find out more information, register your child, or inquire about next performance dates.

Free to the public. $10 fee to participate in the class.


Our Philosophy

The today’s world requires from people a broad range of skills and knowledge. That’s why we believe that the term “Renaissance Man”, which actually came from the past, is the definition of the future. Starting from the early age, we must give our children an opportunity to explore the World in its full diversity. Our mission is to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge and instill a sense of beauty in our students, from the very early age. Positive learning experience is a great lifelong asset for every child.

Music Program

Our music program offers group classes as well as one on one private lessons. Age of our students is ranging from young children to adults. We created a complete learning environment where students have the opportunity to participate in studio recitals/workshops, concerts, competitions, and auditions for other performances and educational opportunities.
We use only those teaching methods and techniques that are right for our students. Each individual adapts to the instrument in accordance with his/her natural abilities. When working with the students, our goals for their music growth are as follows:

  • Help them find their natural and technically equipped performing posture for smooth play
  • Develop musical taste and understanding of music styles
  • Increase performance repertoire

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